Friday, 26 January 2018

''On the off chance that our kin demand, we will backpedal to PDP'' Kwara state representative, Abdulfatah Ahmed, says

Kwara State senator, Abdulfatah Ahmed, was one of the five governors who deserted from PDP to APC amid the development to the 2015 general races. In a current meeting with Sahara Reporters, Governor Ahmed said his deserting to PDP, if by any means, will be controlled by his supporters from the wards to the state level. He however included that he doesn't see himself or his associates who deserted with him to APC coming back to PDP.

It is a far-fetched situation. In any case, bear in mind that since we run a comprehensive framework, the followership chooses the heading they need us to go. On the off chance that they demand that they need to us to remain, we remain; on the off chance that they need us to go, we go. When we chose to leave the PDP for the APC; it was a comprehensively composed position. Information sources were taken from the ward to state levels before we took the choice we took around then. In any case, I should reveal to you that as it is today, we are OK with where we are and we have not seen any premise why we should leave the APC'' he said

Review that there have been hypotheses that a few governors and congresspersons are intending to frame a coaltion party with previous president Olusegun Obasanjo to unseat the decision party APC and stop the restriction party, PDP, from returning to control in 2019. The reality of the situation will become obvious eventually wether Governor Ahmed's remarks is an insight or an insignificant articulation.

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